Bjork 2022

I think she said in a post somewhere that it was written twenty five years ago, which makes sense

That would do it.

i am so happy to announce the release of “oral” a single with @rosalia.vt , tomorrow 21st of november

the profits will all go to stop open net pen fish farming in iceland.

this is a 25 year old song of mine i wrote and programmed inspired by a dancehall beat (the grandmother of reggaeton)

rosalia´s experiments with the genre and her incredible voice made her an obvious guest for the song.

i feel blessed she said yes and she and her team are giving their work and all the profits to this battle.

i think somehow there is an elegant resonance between the fact that both of our voices are the same age on the recording.


It’s no mushroom gabba but it’s the next best thing

I didn’t realise her vocals were ALSO 25 years old, but that also makes a lot of sense too.

pines for more

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This new track is VERY good, isn’t it? I love it more every time I listen to it


Just all the best things about Bjork in one track, the drama, the swooping vocals and instrumentation.

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It’s everything I’ve missed about Björk for about 3 or 4 albums now. :-/

I feel kind of sad to find out it was written and recorded 25 years ago, because it lit a little flicker of hope in me that she still had this sort of thing in her. But I guess I should snuff that back out again.


Heard it on Spotify and thought it felt like more than five minutes had been spent on writing the song, so being 25 years old makes sense.

This is for a particular cause though - so I’m guessing she must realise that her current output doesn’t connect so much with a wider audience and by looking back at her earlier material she’d get wider engagement. So there’s that.

On the flipside though, she’s said that she doesn’t want to stand still and do things that have been done before (often when asked why she never uses guitars), so personally I’m not holding my breath.

personally, i think pivoting back to something you’ve stayed away from for two decades would easily count as “not standing still”

but then maybe that’s why i’m not Bjork (yet)


She should absolutely follow her muse and ignore what twonks like me want. I just miss being excited about an artist whose music used to mean so much to me.


Didn’t know it was an old song until I clicked this thread, my heart fucking soared when I heard it. It’s so good.

Still think that Vulnicura is one of her absolute best, but yeah like others have said, the two most recent ones don’t do it for me, but I don’t begrudge her at all for doing what inspires her.


Anyone been to the current tour? I saw the Cornucopia show in Luxembourg and loved it a mere (checks notes…) four years ago! Does anyone know if it has changed significantly with the Fossora stuff? Setlists look like she’s just switched out 4 or 5 songs.

Show tonight in Zurich isn’t completely sold out but it is significantly more expensive (as in at least 100% more expensive) than last time. But it was amazing…

I saw the Cornucopia show recently but hadn’t previously so can’t compare. The inclusion of a couple of Fossara songs I imagine is the only difference.

Utterly amazing though, I was close to tears quite a bit tbh.

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