Bjork 2022

Guess one is counting her 1977 album and the other (more reasonably) Debut. Still silly.

some really lush melodies on there, banging on about mycelium all the time feels a bit on the nose though. think it’s good, about on a par with utopia so far.

quite enjoyed it, just really glad she’s still making weird music that she finds interesting


I think it’s a complete marvel she’s making the music she’s making now rather than going down the typical route of just making a worse version of what she was doing 20/30 years ago tbh. I hope she’s still making weird ass experimental music in her 70s, even if she never attempts to write another pop tune. She’s the same age now that Kate Bush was when she did her London residency, and she’s making some gabber-infused-industrial-clarinet-wig out.

Love her for it tbh.