Bjork - Royal Albert Hall


Please tell me I’m the only one here who saw this last night?


I thought it was incredible- the string arrangements, especially on “Black Lake” were stunning, and that bit where she giggled when everyone started singing the “she loves him” bit of “Pagan Poetry” was the best thing.

I can understand why some people hated it though- if you’re into “Army of Me” Bjork rather than “Homogenic/Vespertine/Vulnicura” Bjork it probably would have been a disappointment,


Gutted I missed this. Couldn’t justify the trip to London tho :pensive:

I see she played Aurora, that must have been stunning?


Yeah, Aurora was tremendous. Hopefully she’ll do a proper tour in the near future!


It definitely required an appreciation of the strings. it all just sounded utterly incredible though. Her voice is astonishing. So glad I went. Might not get another opportunity for a while now!

I don’t suppose you tried out the VR exhibition as well? Really enjoyed that too and thought it was well worth the £15 to get in.


Not seen the exhibition yet, although I plan to get tickets on payday. I’ve only heard good things.


It’s fantastic and I really recommend it. Have you used any VR kit before? It was my first time and I’m now sold on it.


Was gutted about missing out on tickets for this but now pretty excited that she only has two days to cancel Saturday’s gig!


Found this a bit of a slog overall. Was great seeing her, but some parts really dragged.


Very good gig. Always love it when she performs with strings. Better than when she played with the Kronos Quartet, but not up to the astonishing level of the Royal Opera House show 15 (!) years ago.


No ticket for Saturday yet, post office are playing silly buggers with me. If they don’t hand it over when I go in tomorrow morning, me and Jean on the front desk are going to have serious words.


thought it marvellous. arrangements were both lush and elegant, and show in general was a captivating, beautiful and occasionally devastating experience. glow-in-the-dark Bjork was my favourite look. gotta say tho, i’m fully up for banning flash photography at gigs - detracts from such a delicate performance. people can be so fucking lame.


Fingers crossed. I enjoyed seeing an old guy confronting a tout outside the venue yesterday


I’ve always being sure that I will really like Bjork, but no nothing really about her music, other than that she has ‘eras’ of different styles.
It is all a little daunting - any recommendations on where to start?


Post or Homogenic


used to be Post. Is now Homogenic.


The Best of Bjork (no really), but you’ll miss a bit of Medulla.


Gotcha. Best of Bjork it is. Can’t be bad as starter for 10. Cheers.


Stage times for The Bjorks anyone? ta


Outstanding last night at the Hammersmith Apollo. Loved it, glad I stumped up the cash. Crowd full of bumhat charlatans tho, are they there for the show or a clapping contest?