I’m trying to work out why this isn’t more popular in the UK (and probably doing them a lot of free advertising). It seems odd given how expensive trains are in the UK. Are drivers just not bothered about getting the petrol money covered? Is it cause we’re all so awkward and the thought of chatting to a stranger in a car for several hours puts us off?


Nailed it!


Has anybody ever taken an UberPool?




my sister takes it to work and sometimes the other passengers are people coming back from nights out :smiley:


I took one in Brooklyn by mistake
It was weird and we sat in awkward silence for the duration.


I took from from Belgium to Luxembourg then bumped into the driver last week in Germany. , was pure weird. We had spoken for three hours straight and left each other really nice reviews but it was still awkward to meet again.

Oh god he did the French kissing twice on cheek thing and I absolutely messed it up and am cringing so much.


Never quite made the mistake but always look at it when drunk and think ‘that’s soooo cheap’.


Yeah. Ended up sat next to a right knobhead. Not doing that again.

Absolutely no chance I’d use this carpool thing either. I’ll pay extortionate train prices over that any day of the week.


Also you can say that you’re not into chatting and just put in headphones. I think it’s less awkward if you’re not the sole passenger.


or you can get the flag out!



classic bamos


Is it drivers who are going somewhere anyway offering empty seats, or are the drivers doing the trips for the money?


or you can get the flag out!

just reminded me of this


I think it’s mostly drivers going to the place anyway.


Jesus wept, I’d completely forgotten about this :tired_face:

EDIT: he’s still going


I quite like this company’s attempts to make this all a positive experience. LOVE GETTING THERE! I would HATE getting there, fuck off.


Personally, I like belting out songs, talking to my self, and generally being a bit of a boor in the car on my own when on long drives. Plus, my car is filled with car seats. This wouldn’t work for me.


Choco vag (I don’t think I need to say this but NSFW).


I hate giving people I know a lift, like fuck am I letting strangers in my car.