Black Album, White Album, Blue Album, Green Album, Grey Album

It’s a staple of long running artists to delve into this. Why, I’m not sure but I do like it. Which is the best. Feel free to add colours! I’m going for the underdog, The Black Album by The Damned.

I believe it began as a nod to the Beatles self-titled album, universally known as “the White Album”. The first couple of times it was an amusing joke, but I think it’s now a joke that has well and truly run its course. It says to me “We can’t be bothered thinking of a decent name for this album.”

My favourite is what is unofficially called The Pink album by Sunny Day Real Estate - I think its officially eponymous or known as LP2 - great album and on the turntable a couple of nights back


People need to get more original with these. Where’s the puce album? The snot green album?

True to an extent but I do feel it marks a point in any given artists career where they are ‘comfortable’ and experimenting. The urgency of the debut is gone and they have arrived and it’s time to experiment. Not wholly a bad thing.

I’ve never heard this!

Also. Bands don’t necessarily have to go with the name (colour). For example, Ghost In The Machine (The Police) is clearly their Black Album. It marks something and I like that. Not sure what U2’s Black Album is or Pearl Jam either but pretty sure I wouldn’t listen anyway. The Manics would be The Holy Bible and as much as I don’t get that band - it’s their best album by a long shot.

That’s Weezer II, surely?


Genesis, of course, released their Black Album as their debut. I mean totally black, with only the label and the album title in small gold lettering. It did not even carry the band name, because at the time they were wary of infringing the copyrights of another band called Genesis.

Had this been the cover of a later Genesis album, the all-black cover would have given it an air of mystique, but being the debut it’s more a curiosity - some decent songs, but the music and the production are for the most part well short of what they would produce on subsequent albums.