Black Country, New Road’s album is getting a lot of good reviews

I’ve seen two.

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Have they got any tunes or is it unlistenable wank like black midi


Amazing how Black Midi aren’t even interesting unlistenable wank. What a bad band.


Black Midi are great :pensive:


They’re much less interesting than they think they are


Don’t get the love for them, unless they’ve massively improved from what they were doing about 18 motnhs ago.

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Track X and Sunglasses are both great, I am Quite Excited for the album

black midi are in the “glad they exist, don’t really listen to them” category

Never got on board with Black Midi beyond that bmbmbm song. Bit cautious of bands full of poshos from Cambridge/Brit School doing “weird” guitar music.

But I saw Black Country, New Road last January and thought they were really great. Sunglasses is absolutely massive, and I really like Science Fair. Don’t think they’re exactly doing anything revolutionary/exciting when they’re ostensibly a Slint tribute act, but I like it a lot.

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They’re nowhere near as unlistenable as Black Midi. I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve heard the album as a whole but I do like, in particular, Track X. From what I’ve read it appears they may have “neutered” a little such as Sunglasses and Athens. Will be interesting to see if that actually is beneficial. Apparently he’s “singing” a little more on the album versions ?

Ah I forget you guys use such metrics to judge bands


There’s plenty of bands across the country that sound like exactly like Black Midi, that haven’t had privileges like they’ve had. It’s not exactly controversial to be a bit cautiously cynical about that, no?


Been fooled by positive reviews for a modern band before when I listened to the 1975. Will wait for someone on here whose taste I trust before I take a chance on this.

Will be a massive shame if this is the case.

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Don’t mind black midi.

Saw Black Country, New Road in 2019 they were fine can’t remember much about them. Seem to vaguely remember being told that one of them is the child of someone in Underworld which has stuck in my mind for some reason.

World’s second best Slint tribute act (?)


Such as?

The songs I’ve heard sound quite decent. Reckon it’ll be a solid 7 or 8/10.

Bass player is the daughter of Karl Hyde I think ?


Not a clue I just nodded politely and smiled and then it has obviously become lodged in my brain.

Black Midi - Absolute load of shite.
Black Country, New Road - alright from WHAT I’ve heard.

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