Black Flag - first UK tour in 35 years

Not sure what the line-up is… Greg Ginn might be the only pre-2000s member. Reckon it counts?

Oct 07: London, Electric Ballroom
Oct 08: Birmingham, The Mill
Oct 09: Norwich, The Waterfront
Oct 11: Southampton, Engine Rooms
Oct 12: Cardiff, The Tramshed
Oct 13: Manchester, Academy 2

Going to the Southampton show, current singer was a playable character in Tony Hawk on PlayStation sooooo…:man_shrugging:t2:

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Saw the announcement and got excited.

The realised it probably wasn’t actually that exciting.

Shows will probably be great fun anyway…


Go see FLAG instead…

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Ron Reyes was the vocalist for a previous tour but they have some other dude now. One of those ones I’ll say nah to, but when I am sat on my arse that night realising I could be watching (what is left of) Black Flag I will regret it no doubt.

ha shit really, who?!

I got into Buffalo, NY just as the Black Flag reunion gig got out. Some guy told me it was “the best gig ever”, so it’s easy to be snarky about it, but it’s yr best chance to see a Black Flag concert.

Fairly certain it was Mike Vallely?

don’t remember him :smiley:

Aha can only find really grainy pictures on google but he was a bald fella who I think was introduced around THPS4 (?)


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trying to remember who I used to actually go as before you created your own

Officer Dick?

With those stats he should have stuck to skating


Was either Rodney Mullen or Eric Koston for some reason. Remember playing as Geoff Rowley in one version because I thought he looked ‘badass’ skating in a two piece suit :sweat_smile:

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he was in Mike V and the Rats who were on the soundtrack too

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is yer man on the left gonna be there


:grinning: Anyone who has ever got a bunch of 4-7 year olds to pose for a camera will be having major grins right now.

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That’s not a UK tour is it

Better than most bands manage to be fair i.e. “London and Manchester”

Wow. That’s actually a pretty good fit for them. Mike Vallely was a “badass” as they say.