BlAcK fRiDaY!1111

You ‘hitting up’ any mad sales?
Got your eye on anything?
Are you going to watch videos of americans fighting over TVs?

DiScuss all this and more here!

Six pack of Pom-Bears only a quid in Tesco. Usually £1.89p. I’ll be queueing tomorrow morning.


It’s Thursday

*rebecca black friday


I call it Twat Friday.

Excellent responses so far!

Oh alright, sorry, sorry.
I’m not buying anything, no.

Just bought loads of Matchsticks for a quid a pop. No trampling spotted (yet) ran out of quid chocolate oranges though :frowning:

The most metal night of the year

Anybody need any headphones?

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Ooo I think this is a pile of bollocks but maybe I’ll buy some clothes.

I bought a book earlier and it was on sale but I think it was just on sale rather than any Black Friday stuff, sorry

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I’ve already spent a small fortune on Kitchen appliances from AO in the last week, as the Black Friday sale had started and the builders needed them. I phoned them and negotiated further discounts.

A few weeks ago we were going to get some Procook induction pans for £49 but they put thd price up to £99. I’m hoping that’s a ploy to drop the price tomorrow.

My ma’s buying my da his first ever smartphone so gonna keep my eyes peeled for a sweet deal for old man iron. Gonna be checking HUKD every now and again tomorrow.

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Bought a couple of guitar pedals I’ve had my eye on, because all I ever buy is guitar pedals and beer.

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Ooh just seen that steam is having a sale, didnt even think of that.

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What ya get?

Polymoon and Mercury 7, both by Meris.

Will probably have to flip a couple of older pedals to help cover the cost but they were quite a bit cheaper than they usually are so fuck it.

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any beer wanker deals on?

Looks like Honest Brew will be something tomorrow:

Might have a look at that in the morning.