BlAcK fRiDaY!1111

There’s the craft beer advent calendar thing for 50 sniffs I think. Just not the same without some faffy subscription though is it.

Similar to @witches prob order some clothes I don’t need but really want.

Might see if kids Christmas stuff is on sale on Amazon…get V a nice new LFC jumper as they have done deals.

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Just looked at that on amazon, and also got shown this monstrosity on the ‘customers who viewed this also viewed’ bar:

Fuck off Amazon m8.


I prefer cyber monday

because cyber is a funny word

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fuck I just realised that I was planning on going shopping tomorrow. can’t really put it off either, since it’s for a birthday

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I mean, look at this shit. He’s definitely a murderer.



Amazon were supposed to launch in Australia today for it, but they didn’t.

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I believe that the correct collective noun for ‘bollocks’ is actually a ‘clang’

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just bought Destiny 2 for £20, going back to sleep

Just got a text from beer52 for a light 8 pack of kentucky beers for £20.

Probably not buying anything trying to make this the first month of the year I don’t buy anything on my credit card.

Bought some map posters and a canvas print. Got £200 quid off the canvas print and about £25 off the posters.

Total price: £172. Saving: £225.

Actual saving because I wasn’t intending on buying any of those items: -£172. FFS.

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I’ve just seen the the Fridge Freezer I ordered from AO last week is actually £90 more expensive today.

Black Friday deal at the shop where my mum works: the usual deal of two for £10 on tacky gift sets is instead three for £12. They must be expecting a massive rush because they have opened an hour early :roll_eyes:


Curmudgeon here.

Refusing to spend a penny today.

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Your poor bladder


Bit of a random question (maybe one for @laelfy?) but did anyone get a card through from White Stuff offering 25% off this weekend? I had one at home but forgot to make a note of the discount code. Was going to buy a couple of Christmas presents.


like his bladder

Think we’re off to Burger King at lunch

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Any deals on?