Black Friday Night

Probably a film with Martin Lawrence in it.


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Might play a board game.

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Get the boy to bed, then beer and switch as my wife’s out for the eve-o.

Or maybe a film. Anything deece on netflix?

just clicked your profile to check what it was you’re eating in your picture (bacon sandwich?) and have a question:

what’s a hotelier mum?

Evening Keith,

In ma wee local place having a couple of beers and waiting for the tv to show up. Gonna try and lay low tonight as the last two nights got a wee bit out of control, just a wee bit mind.

American Vandal season 2 is not a film but I enjoyed the first episode.



Hmmmmm :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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:beer: and :pizza:

Hopefully a movie in the living room but one of my housemates is in and that would require him to go out. Currently in the shower so hopes are high!

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I keep calling today Black People Friday or Black Power Friday to Wor Lass and it’s really annoying her. I think it’s hilarious.

We all had a bogle round the kitchen to Beanie Man earlier.


Chicken burger.

Don’t you remember the heady days of 2014 (jesus) when everyone* was obsessed with The Hotelier and in particular the album Home Like Noplace Is There and then in 2015 they did a tour and literally the entirety of DiS went to the gig and it was lovely. Well I’m everyone’s Hotelier mum.

*Yes, everyone

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Evening all. Off to drinks with my oldest friend, who’s back from :canada:.


I cannot believe that gig was 2015.

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I’m heading to a gig at half-eight. Just waiting on our takeaway delivery now though.

honestly never heard of them. thought you were maybe involved with hotels or something. :frowning:


only people who like the Hotelier will get this


Went for a (surprisingly decent) run :muscle:
Gunna get some middle eastern takeaway :stuffed_flatbread:
Supplemented with some extras from Ozmen :green_salad:
and some cans :beers:
Then watch Buster Scruggs :movie_camera:


they sound a bit like a more emo version of los campesinos.


Interestingly I don’t listen to either band now.

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Evening all

I had the loveliest nap on the sofa earlier. Just about the right length so I woke up refreshed and not too groggy. Going to get Thai takeaway as they now do delivery.

There’s lots of stuff I still have to do between now and Christmas but I’m so glad to have got the last two weeks out of the way :slight_smile:

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