We all getting inundated with emails about pre-Black Friday deals already, aye?

Think we can all agree that it’s all a bit vile, but, on the other hand, who doesn’t love a bargain on something they were planning on buying anyway?

What are you on the lookout for? My list is:

  • Kindle for mah banbeano’s Christmas present
  • new graphics card if the Star Wars game that’s coming out this week is half decent
  • compressor plugins
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coffee beans, mainly

When is it?


On a Friday. Also on a Monday somehow.

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I would like a small tv

I don’t want or need anything so no. Also no emails. Good thread thanks.


We should give thanks

also mike wants a new watch for christmas so i should probably be looking but i just really cba, sorry

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Maybe some switch deals or something

How many Switches does one person need

wouldn’t mind a joycon or something

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Don’t think I’ve ever bought anything on Black Friday.

Not even a pint of milk or a Boost?

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Hmm. Haven’t seen my kindle since I got back from Mexico though. :thinking:

Dunno if it’s to do with Black Friday (not a real thing, BF is something else) but I bought my parents an Echo Dot yesterday for £35 which seemed very reasonable.

Didn’t know Alexas could have different personalities

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How very droll.

Would like some outdoor Chrimbus lights. But would be willing to buy them now if I could find ones that meet my specific requirements.

Also Luigi’s Mansion 3 on the cheap for the boy’s b’day.