Black Friday


Go on then… found any deals? I bought a chromecast for £18 and a few chromecast audios for £15 each.


Never really pay attentuon but if anyone sees an xbox or anything for cheap let me know please


This is what I’m after. I’ll let you know if I find anything. Ideally want it with Gears of War.




Cheers! Ill have a quick gander myself and report back if any luck


Amazon have a bunch of deals on xbox and PlayStation. Xbox from £229 and ps4 from £200. Not sure if those are great prices or not.


Where did you get the chromecast?




Just realised I’m not working Black Friday for the first time in years. Fuck yes. (Used to work for Amazon.)


nope, but think a wee visit to the van for a bacon roll is about to happen




As I was denied my bacon cob (ccb) yesterday I/am had/having two today. One was the standard bacon cob (half way through that) and the other was (finished it) a sausage and potato “tattie” scone doubler.

Been up since 4am looking at the deal website, almost got an ipad mini for £150 but missed out and currently in the queue at Tesco (to get in the door!!!) for a 4-slice toaster for £10, it apparently butters your bread for you as well but that is maybe just Tales from The Orient.


cheers mate just ordered one. got to wait until the 2nd to collect though! wonder if they have them in store and can cancel my order - will have a look at lunchtime


Got a Samsung Galaxy Note for Old Ma Epimer from Argos. That’ll probably be it.


Got myself and my Da a 12 month Xbox Live subscription for 25 bones each.




Bought this:

and got a Kindle Paperwhite.

Thanks for listening to my consumption.


not bacon & black (friday) pudding?


Dammit missed out on the toaster :frowning: I was 20 mins too late for it apparently so at least it wasn’t squeaky bum time 1 minute away from getting it. Going to head over to Morrisons to see if they have anything good however I am literally not going to hold my breath for a deal as good as that toaster :frowning:


You seen this one today?