Black Jacks

  • Yes
  • I prefer a Fruit Salad

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They’re fucking disgusting


I’m a big fan of both them and Fruit Salads cheggers.

hit me!

Best is to eat both at the same time or at least in alternation.

(I guess a lot of people won’t share this opinion)

they’re both fucking disgusting.

Ate a load last night - mixed bag with Fruit Salads - in bed with the TV.

Nom nom nom.

I have never done this Em but will certainly give it a go at the next available opportunity.

Aw I bloody love Black Jacks! They turn your mouth black though. But still! Yes, I’m a big fan.

I do also love Fruit Salads but I’ve never tried the @_Em method.

Also good: Scandinavian pick n mix- alternating salmiakki and foam bananas/mushrooms

Mind Blown!!


Ah. I’m not a huge fan of banana flavouring (though I do like bananas). Would it work with foam shrimps?

Yes any of those foam fruity sweets

Wow, didn’t realise how many baby palates we had on here.

Big fan of these salmiakki cream rock sweets (noitapilli - witches’ straws). Lovely ammonium chloride crystals on the outside.

Your diet doesn’t have enough ammonia in it.

We have foam bananas here!


Not the other thing though!


*hydrochloric acid