Black man gets a white penis transplanted


lost his own penis in a routine circumcision.

Fucking hell.

It’ll be medically tattooed apparently to achieve…PenisDarknessPenisDarkness. (@plasticniki)

Hope to god they don’t use needles for that!


Did the doctor sneeze or something?


17 years without a penis?


I guess so. He’ll have had to sit down to pee I suppose. @Antpocalypsenow seems to be okay with this (not the having no penis, obviously).


haha, reminds me of:

Sam Seaborn:
About a week ago I accidentally slept with a prostitute.

Toby Ziegler:
[pause] Really?

Sam Seaborn:

Toby Ziegler:
You accidentally slept with a prostitute?

Sam Seaborn:
A call girl.

Toby Ziegler:

Sam Seaborn:

Toby Ziegler:
I don’t understand. Did you trip over something?


How much are you getting paid to look at penis transplant stories?


I never want to read this ever again.


great story though, good luck to him!


I have a huge schlong


Oh, me too


when was the last time anyone said “schlong”

I’m going about 2009


this was meant to be a reply to ant, not the uh… thread…




I don’t think I’ve said it since back in school when we had a teacher called Mr H Longworth who we called Harry Schlongworth


there’s a good thread idea about shit teacher put-downs but maybe it’s too cruel.

I think I’ve had too much sun, need to lie down


Nah, I reckon that would make for an excellent thread


the floor is yours


Routine Circumcision
Doctor Sneeze
17 Years Without a Penis

Old Blue Last, £5 OTD, £3 NUS


More of a Montague Arms lineup really


right well that’s me decided, whatever goes wrong with my cock for the rest of my life i ain’t ever letting a doctor go anywhere near it.