Black Midi

Have you watched that KEXP video SexyFlanders posted upthread yet? That is absolutely superb and shows what they’re about really well I think

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Think calling them just a math rock band is doing a disservice.

Annoyingly I’m away when they’re playing Nottingham

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No, because I have a terrible backlog of things I’m meant to have watched and don’t like watching on my phone.

I will eventually.

yeah I saw them not too long ago, I quite liked them and thought they had potential. articles like this just get my goat for reasons that are probably not quite rational

they reminded me of a cross between post-punk and kinda mathy post-hardcore or something, idk

good article, apart from the bit where Doran states that most of their gigs are only 25mins long which is total rubbish in my experience


Gig at EartH in Stoke Newington on Jun 18th if anyone’s interested in a nice 25 minute set

Got two tickets for tonight I suddenly can’t use. Don’t have time to faff with Twickets so if anyone wants them for FREE lemme know - will need your email address to send them. First come first served etc

album preorder’s been dispatched

can’t stress enough how hyped I am about this album

don’t even know what it is about them

it’s modern post-punk that actually has the spirit of post-punk, instead of just angular guitars and cold synths

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Did Rough Trade email you? I haven’t heard anything yet

I got an email at work, yeah

Hoping it comes before Saturday so I can freak out my parents with it when I give them a lift into town

I haven’t had an e-mail yet either (got a dispatch e-mail for my Jai Paul t-shirt so swings and roundabouts)

love the fact that one of their songs is lyrically based around

Avoiding listening to them until the album comes out, which is on Friday I believe.

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I listened to the Lamacq session partly to hear what yer man’s actual speaking voice is like

Was the 6music session that terrible

Kinda think ‘caterwauling freely’ is a pretty good description of what they do! So I guess if you don’t like that idea then you won’t like them.

I think the session is pretty badly mixed though tbh.

Yeah I don’t think this recording does them a lot of justice, particularly compared to the KEXP session.

Looking forward to the caterwauling in Bristol later.

Yep that mix is terrible

Thanks for posting that. First time I’ve listened to them…Quite enjoyed it. I thought from Laura Snapes’ tweet it would be something unlistenable, but it was just some cool mathy rock.