Black Midi

Great thing to wake up to


Saw this one pop up too!


With this and the Yard act support is Harry Hill going full indie?

He’s played in bands before - he was the drummer in quite a few of the recent Shirley Collins shows that Stewart Lee was involved in.

Black MIDI
Harry Hill

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The clip of Harry Hill talking about them on Good Morning Britain is so wholesome

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This band is playing my town this weekend. I read upstream they’re doing some shows with a bunch of covers? Is this normal or was it a one-off

Are you in the US? The covers were from when they were doing a 4 night residency in London, so now they’re back to doing a regular tour you probably won’t get as many (although they sometimes sneak bits of random covers in transitions between songs iirc)

no, NZ. I’m not convinced they’re bringing all the extra musicians either. It’s ok, I’ve seen them before and I have those memories

Yeah I think they might be playing as a 3 piece atm!

Would kill to see this

Hope they do You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)


Is the other guitarist back?

Black Midi / Zainab Badawi

Listening to Hellfire again lately - jfc we’re lucky to have these guys.

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Nah the lad in the bottom right has been in their live band on keys for a while though, and played on Hellfire

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On the one hand I feel like GBOL for wilfully doing perpetually uncool things like covering the Beatles in a BTEC Mr Bungle style

On the other hand I’m pretty confident that this will be one of the worst things to ever happen in the history of music

Swings and roundabouts I guess


They had a competition during the release of Cavalcade where you could find a golden ticket and they would play a private show for you - I planned to request they cover Octopus’s Garden if I won so maybe my wish will finally come true

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Good line up, but the way that they’ve been wording the promotion for this makes it sound like Lankum aren’t playing a proper set or something.

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Yeah, they won’t be - Lankum binned off a load of live gigs recently so presumably this is going to be a stripped down/dj thing of some sort.