Black Mirror new trailer <3






Yeah but did he say rolling?


I suppose we’ll have to make another thread when the series is released?!



I suppose i will yes


The show is like your curmudgeonly grandad writing about the future through the lens of thinking everything was better when he was in short trousers. :wink:

That said we ARE now officially in a dystopia so it probably was better back then so ASCII shrug.


never seen any of these. any good?


Not bad. Nothing to get excited about


Was “ASCII Shrug” the name of your curmudgeonly granddad’s old anthology series?


Can’t be arsed searching EMO’s old posts to cut n paste


Saw two of the new ones the other day. Both solid black mirroring. Shut up and Dance is probably one of the best there’s been.


Watched four of the new ones today - as they’re all brilliant. I think he re-works an Adam Curtis idea in the 4th episode…


Not sure which thread we are using!

Watched the first episode last night. I quite liked the premise and thought it started really well but felt the ending was quite rushed.


Thought Bryce Dallas Howard was quite good though.


Watched the first 2. Episode 1 was fine, but smashed us over the head with the moral a bit, also think Community had done the idea almost identically earlier.
Episode 2 blew me away, potentially due to my own personal fear of what we see in that last room combined with interest in VR gaming. One of my favourite BMs yet.



Totally forgot about this episode but yes Community did it better.


The first one is ok but very depressing, the seconds one is better but stressful as fuck, third one’s fantastic
Fourth one seems to just be Ferris Beuller’s Day Off atm

Black Mirror