Black Mirror

The first two series and White Christmas are back up on Netflix and new episodes are coming, aren’t they.

The series seemed to be quite divisive on the old boards: some thought that Charlie Brooker was out of his depth with the longer, more sci-fi orientated episodes. How do we feel in hindsight? I just watched the first episode again and was grinning the whole time.

Favourite episodes? Predictions for the new series? Please discuss.

Think it’s generally brilliant. Obviously hit-and-miss but that’s pretty much inevitable with standalone episodes and such ambitious concepts. The christmas special’s one of the best bits of British made TV in the last decade


I’m a fan. Sure sometimes it doesn’t quite come off but very little TV in this country tackles such challenging ideas with such creativity and imagination. Proper dark sci-fi is sorely lacking in an age where these anxieties are very real.

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Each season has a duff episode but the christmas special was solid. Enough high points to stick with, and at times it manages to fill the twilight-zone-for-a-modern-day shaped hole it’s desperately trying to do.

I think it’s pretty bad in general

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yeah the worst thing about that Cameron thing was that that stupid episode could no longer be considered one of the worst things on tv, and Charlie Brooker got to have one of his stupid (moderately entertaining) ideas turn out to be ‘eerily accurate’ predications of the future etc.

Only found the Waldo one a bit annoying, the rest were (and probably will be) excellent


Think the only one I didn’t like was the Waldo one. Will watch the new stuff

Will be interesting to see the new ones. Hoping for more on AI related themes.

Hold on, is this not on channel 4? Always loved how quintessentially British the whole thing was. This looks too glossy, too yanky.
Brexit means brexit!!!

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It does look pretty glossy tbh, although hopefully that’s just the trailer pandering to an American audience. My favourite Black Mirrors were definitely the ones that also had sonething to say about the UK too.

no, THIS is the black mirror thread we should be using

Episode 1

Bit rubbs I thought, almost felt like a parody of previous Black Mirror episodes. BDH was way too attractive for the role too, no?

Episode 2

Much better, felt more like an Inside No. 9 episode than Black Mirror. Still not the quality of the previous seasons but was still a good watch. It had a few twists and turns but I wasn’t surprised by any of them.

Best episode of the new series is San Junipero.


I’ve heard a few people say this - so far I’ve only watched the first two.

I thought Nosedive works really well as a whole - I feel the American setting really suits the story, and as others have said, the plot has a great planes trains and automobiles tinge to it. I think the somewhat uplifting ending works well with the melodramatic cringe comedy that precedes it, too. Nice.

Playtest is decent too, Brooker said he wanted to make a sort of genre episode with it, like a proper horror. Reckon it was pretty successful in that regard.

Shut Up and Dance & San Junipero blow the first two out of the water. Brilliant stuff.

Really liked Nosedive too, loved the aesthetic. Not too keen on the the last one, although I think Kelly MacDonald is great in everything.

Shut Up and Dance had great performances but it was a bit too similar to White Bear (good guy is the bad guy switcheroo!!!)

But ended up really lovely awww, maybe the first positive view of the future from Black Mirror?
Fifth one was a pretty pertinent statement on warfare in general, not necessarily in a dystopian sci-fi sense.
Sixth one was a bit too much like the pig fucking one, ooh scary social media.

Still, six top quality stories, well told, well made. A*