Black Mirror


OK, wasn’t aware. Examples from Netflix I can check out?


Yeah but nobodies seen those, this is effectively the 1st cos black mirror actually has an audience


It’s not going to be as good as this, is it?


There’s an interactive version of one of the Final Destination films on the DVD release. Watched/played it one evening with friends, we were trying to kill a character because he was annoying but every choice we thought would do it just kept him alive. Annoying.


Love that Brooker made an FMV game in 2018 and had it hailed as some kind of evolution in story telling. Top work.


Basically a decent Philip k dick inspired movie ruined by the pitfalls of video games. I Hated the first few endings but the last ones were decent, ruined by the fact I had seen inferior ends to the story. I’d rather just read ubik


Why are there so many films and TV “based on a Philip K Dick Story” but they never adapt any of his major works? ‘Blade Runner’ bears little resemblance to “Electric Sheep” and even “A Scanner Darkly” sells the original short.

Now the technology exists, make ‘Ubik’, make ‘Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch’.


Jesus this thread’s depressing. Just caught up from a year ago.

I’m glad I enjoy things more than you lot. Miserable gits.


Better ideas than actual narratives with decent characters is my take on it. Also you don’t have to pay rights :grin:


Apologies Mr Steve :kissing_heart: enjoyed it rightly but some of it annoyed me


Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone FTW! Had loads of those - Trial Of Champions was my particular favourite.



Thought the dad was Paddy Considine, then got confused when his named wasn’t listed. Looked the guy up, turns out that’s squat jogs guy from Four Lions, always thought that was Paddy C as well.

Maybe the first time I’ve seen Alice Lowe in anything where she’s not stabbed somebody. Shame imho.


You missed that timeline? Shame.


I know him from Line of Duty. If you’ve not watched that it’s honestly worth it. I mean it’s utterly stupid but in a way that makes for brilliant TV.


Good old Caddy


Ooh yep thanks, completely forgot it was a spoiler!


Researched bandersnatch last night with a mate. Was very frustrating trying to get them to the better endings - PAC and Time Travel endings being the best wish it was a standard film with one ending but sure