Black Mirror

I don’t mind so much with anthology series tbf.


Same as the Channel 4 ones tbf

On C4 it would be called a series, though, which feels better to me.

they’re really leaning into the “what if phones but too much” vibe eh


I genuinely don’t recognize most of the people on the full cast list, I think I might be finally be out of touch.

this is back today innit

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I’m excited.


Dig that it’s three episodes

Watched the second one. Almost laughably shite.

Make this the last series


Absolutely certain I saw a couple of names on the SM feed in episode 2 that are real people. @colinzealuk might be able to corroborate in due course.

Watched the first two, enjoyed both - a little silly, sure, but I thought they were fine as entertainment.

Actually, I really liked first one a lot.

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Haven’t seen it, but yes they probably are. Someone from my school group has been working on the last couple of seasons in the art department.

Watched 2. They were ok. Didn’t have the impact of earlier episodes, but it’s always been hit and miss :man_shrugging:

Think I prefer them in the bleakness of winter when I think they used to be released :confused:

Confirmed. There’s also a newspaper clipping in that episode with a familiar name on the byline.

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Watched the first one, it’s like they came up with the high concept but forgot to flesh it out in any way


This is every Black Mirror


I enjoyed the first one when it just decided to be a teen movie.

my gf got irked by me pointing out the NIN reference constantly :grinning:

I’m watching the Miley Cyrus one now, damn the older sister has good taste in music