Black Mirror

It’s a really stupid yet occasionally entertaining show.

Nosedive - good, predicted the end after she got a lift with the woman in the truck
Playtest - absolutely brilliant, left me feeling a bit “what the fuck?” at the end. Liked the Bioshock reference :smiley: also, Wyatt Russell so looks like his dad - big ol’ face.

The bioshock reference was pretty classy yeah haha.

Nosedive was pretty much the MeowMeowBeanz episode of Community, enjoyable but a bit predictable.

Really liked Playtest, thought Wyatt Russell was great.

About ten minutes in to episode three and finding it a bit annoying. Would probably have just sacked it all off and let everyone see the wanking video by now.

I thought the same…



Yeah that was pretty bleak.


Yeeepp. The bit where he gives the toy to the child in retrospect D:


ha, I was thinking the same thing too. I liked this episode more than others.

Don’t really get the love for Playtest; it has a very awkward structure. It seems like most episodes are pretty well set in their plot almost immediately, but the main idea doesn’t really emerge until midway through. and the twist(s) don’t entirely add up. It felt like they might as well have made a smash cut to a black screen that said MINDFUCKED! in bold letters.


Didn’t realise Clint Mansell did the score. Bloody love the track when they get jiggy for the first time.

I watched it again too, enjoyed all the subtle (and not so subtle) nods to what was happening: Yorkie stretching her new feet, the dreamcatcher in Kelly’s car, the photo Yorkie thinks is Kelly’s mum but it’s actually her dead daughter :(, the guy at the bar talking about his worn down knee caps, lots of seemingly incongruous use of the past tense. Wonderful episode.

I can’t really take to this programme - I’ve watched four or five now (including the first and third of the new ones), and it always seems to fall flat. I feel like they’re going for a Philip K Dick-style moral quandary associated with a hypothetical technology all the time, when really they end up with “Wouldn’t it be shit if the world was like this? Yeah. Okay.” Maybe that is as far as they’re aiming, but that’s not very good, imo.

The plot as well (especially so with the first episode of the new series) is so wafer-thin it feels like they must have filmed a rough first draft by mistake - in the third episode they seem to have thrown in a twist under the illusion it adds some kind of depth to what happened before, when it doesn’t, and throw in a big Radiohead number for good measure as if a grand statement has been made. Basically every episode feels like a giant #makeuthink.

I don’t want to seem overly negative on it - it’s a pretty entertaining watch, but to me that’s just for the performances (always nice to see yer man from Robson and Jerome) and production values/soundtrack, etc.

Playtest was good, scary fun. Sure the main guy was annoying but it was still effective and smart.

Nosedive was dull in comparison and not terribly thought-provoking. Keen to watch the rest. As has been said previously it’s always hit and miss but when it hits it hits well.

I watched the third one and the ending is such a MASSIVE cop-out. The plot starts to lose momentum after the bank robbery. Why would someone go to such massive expense and effort purely for a bit of a lol? A bit disappointing really.

It’s a bit of a common theme where he has a decent idea but just doesn’t know where to go with it. Still, quite gripping to watch for a bit.

Eh? How is destroying two paedos (and ruining the lives of other scumbags) just a lol?

Nosedive probably the weakest of the new ones but BDH was fucking incredible in it. Love her.

And what was the massive expense? A cake, a drone and a gun couldn’t have cost that much.

Well the final setup is obviously for the amusement of the person/people sending the messages (otherwise they’d just have been reported to the police).

Other than that, it makes no sense. Why have them rob a bank? It’s suggested that the money is a “prize” for the winner of the fight, but that’s not necessary (they’re being forced to fight to the death, no further incentive is necessary). Like the rest of it, it feels like they’ve started with the concept of “if someone has your secrets you can be forced to do stuff”, then they’ve come up with some increasingly bad things to do without actually thinking about how it ties together (or what the point is anyway). As I said earlier, everything feels like a first draft.

I suppose I hadn’t considered it like that, but it loses a bit of effect lumping in someone having an affair and people looking at child porn in the same group. I’m not convinced they were moral crusaders.

Also the car, the motorbike, the surveillance, it would be quite expensive to go through with it all.

I liked the one where they got some new technology and it made a slightly positive impact on their day to day lives and life largely continued as before.

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If they had just forwarded the evidence to the police it would have been a 5 minute episode. Thought the tasks were to make the paedos suffer and to make sure they were also charged for other violent crimes (although I admit it was lucky that Kenny ended up as the robber rather than Bron) as well as to give them false hope as they progressed through the tasks just to be extra cruel.