Black Mirror

That’s all they look for


I’d like an episode about how streaming service leads to the decline of being able to buy stuff on dvd/Blu-ray, and that irking some people

Actually I’d like a Bandersnatch-esque episode loosely based on the early days of Netflix and the only way to watch it is by renting the DVD by post


i want an episode about a black mirror, people look at it but all they see is black, signifying the void staring back at them

I want David Lynch to write and direct an episode about people watching films on their telephones


If I ever met David Lynch I’d tell him it’s just the same as the cinema if he holds the phone closer to his face

I’m sure this will already be in the thread somewhere.


Idea for a new Black Mirror episode : dont make one

Here’s my idea, my gf just humoured me


I would like a retro episode of black mirror that warns of the dangers of teletext


Makes me shudder every time.



some weird revision of history where intense tribalism between teletext and ceefax starts a war or they become the google/amazon type figures.

edit: and the telly is the black mirror we made friends with on the way

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How much money do you think they spent clearing that Radiohead song to use as call holding music?

Mad hubris, Netflix


Halfway through Smithereens and enjoying it. Brooker’s best when he’s being funny.

The negotiator feels like Nathan Barley about fifteen years into the future in an odd way

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the text and drive stuff felt a bit tacked on though, eh? Like I would let em off for laying off on the whole tech shit a bit. The early ones weren’t totally overt with being about “aaah the dark side of technology wooooo”

the NIN fans on facebook getting irked about Miley Cyrus are pretty funny

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Explain the NIN thing to me. Having watched the episode.

I haven’t watched the episode actually, but the songs are based off of NIN samples / interpolations from what I’ve heard

That’s mad.

They take like Head Like A Hole and make it a positive anthem. I thought it was quite funny.

Didn’t think the episode was too bad. Some confusing decisions with the writing and the end was a bit shit. Standard Black Mirror.

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