Black Mirror

Pretty sure Bryan K Vaughan did a graphic novel around this concept…Private Eye maybe? It’s good from what I recall

I liked the last series, this series was rubbish, it was especially disappointing because the last series was good but patchy, so when it turned out this one was only 3 episodes I though ‘oh good they’ve sorted out the quality control’ but this series was all patchy


Watched the Miley one last night. When it goes rubbish it really goes rubbish

yeah, she was on the cover of SugarApe!

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Not sure if I’ll watch this series cos I struggle to believe it can be as good as the Ashley O song

HGITR: On A Roll - Ashley O

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@Funkhouser Ashley O: above Blur and Beyonce, only just below Kanye


Can’t argue with the will of the people.

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Here here