Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Out tomorrow

Just rewatched the 1st one. About as good as I remember it being. Lots of positives - great characters and acting, production design is amazing, soundtrack is rad.

Loads of shit bits too though, Serkis and Freeman completely surplus to requirement. Action is really unremarkable. Special effects are properly poor. Killmonger is obviously in the right too.

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At the end they make a huge deal about Wakanda sharing it’s knowledge with the rest of the world and ten films later none of that has come to fruition

Everyone: Killmonger’s last words really make you think huh
Me: I liked the Coachella gag!


Box office total

  • Over $1 billion
  • Under $1 billion

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(Black Panther made $1.3 billion)

Also rewatched the first last night, but was not in the mood for blockbuster action so can only say it was fine. Serkis is fun, I’d have liked him to be a recurring second string villain. Might just be inclined to like him in nerdy stuff after watching Andor though.

Seeing Wakanda Forever tonight. Hopefully finishing work on a Friday gets me more up for silly CGI explosions.

this will easily make a bill, even Multiverse Of Madness did and Black Panther was one of the biggest Marvel Studios hits so for, both culturally and commercially

really loved South African Serkis, was such a shame they killed him off and let Martin Freeman continue to be by far the worst thing about the MCU for some bizarre reason

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Eternals says hello

Also Martin Freeman’s presence in the MCU is so hilariously incongruous that I can’t help but get a kick out of it (see also: Simon Pegg in the MI films)

everyone in the Eternals was better than Freeman, who frankly has been fucking awful in everything other than the Office imo.

The Eternals was absolute shite though, agreed.

This is disgraceful Fargo and Vodafone ads erasure. OK maybe not the Vodafone ads.

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totally forgot his William H Macy impression in Fargo. would be fine if he wasn’t doing a straight up rip off of the original, was the weakest part of the show by far.

you got a laugh out of me with the vodafone ads though i will admit


Freeman’s poster cracks me up. Probably the only Marvel poster I’d actually want a copy of even if I end up not liking the movie.

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Just got out my screening. It’s not good. It’s not rubbish, and it’s not a mess. It’s just not good at all.

Given the circumstances it’s surprisingly coherent, but there are a few bits that make zero sense. There’s also about half an hour of Martin Freeman dotted throughout which has zero impact on the plot.

Final showdown is as rubz as BP1.

Winston Duke is an absolute unit.

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Not a good sign that the first MCU thing I thought of after this was Thor Dark World. I also didn’t feel that guilty about taking a toilet break unless I missed something vital while Okoye and Shuri are in Riri’s warehouse

I like this version of Namor but for a film this length he’s not given a lot to do. The big finale is also poo. I did like that the underwater scenes emphasised the dark, disorienting side. It contrasted nicely with the Avatar trailer that played beforehand.

Mid credits but no post credits scene so you can leave early.

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Just finished watching it. Strong disagree at it being bad. Was engaged throughout and the film flew by, didn’t feel like nearly 3 hours at all.

Namor was bloody great too. Can’t wait to see more of him.


It’s not close to being my least favourite of phase 4, and what I liked about it I liked a lot.

Especially that Namor a. looks absolutely ridiculous b. still commands the space around him by sheer will and c. hot fish man :star_struck:

Also thought the Boseman tributes were well done and not intrusive. It’s a bit weird to channel it thru this fantastical Disney universe but it felt sincere.

Dermis in BP1 is such a waste. He could have been so much more as a good hyuk hyuk villain