Blacking up


One of the teams on the floor have got a fancy dress day, and someone has come dressed as Michael Jackson in the Thriller video. Except it’s a white guy who has blacked up.

  • Phone up HR right away. Blacking up is racist. Don’t be the person who ignores racism.
  • He’s dressed up a particular character, rather than a whole race.
  • You don’t know him. He’s probably just an ignorant idiot rather than a big old racist.

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nothing to see here.


It’s 2018, it’s beyond impossible to give him any benefit of the doubt.


How has he managed to get to work without getting smacked?


Moonwalked all the way in


He could have at least chosen 90s Michael



Can I find any contact details for HR now that most of it’s been outsourced to India though? :confused:


passive aggressive note on the fridge it is then.


Highly unlikely that it’s been outsourced to india.

When you get through, report yourself too




Not really.


Out of interest; how old is he?


late 20s, early 30s maybe?


Is there a fourth option where you call him out for it directly instead of reporting it to HR? (I know this hinges on a lot of variables, is easy to say, isn’t a responsibility anyone should have to shoulder in a 2018 workplace, etc)


The problem is that I don’t know him, or who he reports to. Last year 75% of the floor were made redundant and some new teams have moved in. As always, there was no communication about who they were and what they do.


Someone in my office did this for Halloween a few years ago.

They didn’t make it to bonfire night.




Well, I found an email address for a UK HR Mailbox, so at least I won’t have it on my conscience that I did nothing.


No excuse. If he had been 60-odd then he could have played the Ignorant Old Man card