Can’t see a specific thread for these guys.

Came across them thanks to tiktok.

How you like that is a cast iron banger.

Any fansssss

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No but someone I knows song is massive on tiktok papas

What do.

Me me me, their label has big bang and 2ne1 which are kpop groups I liked for ages so was excited for them when they made their debut and with good reason, they haven’t put out a bad single in 4 years. They aren’t managed very well and their output/control is miniscule but they are still great. Favourite is probably this

And their collab with lady gaga is so good,

Anyway they are adorable and super talented and 1/3 of my favourite female kpop groups (literally 3 tied for number 1). They are more fluent in English than other kpop groups which could be exploited so much more by their label but isnt. One of them is from Australia, one studied in nz for a few years and one is thai but learned english

The other two groups if you’re looking for more like blackpink, ie kpop girl groups with a stronger/less cutesy image and songs

Loads of people I end up talking to at kpop concerts will say with their whole chest that they don’t like girl groups and prefer boy groups :roll_eyes: they don’t know what they’re missing

This is such a lazy reference but they remind me of Little Mix

But like 90%+ of the great Kpop is by the girl groups :upside_down_face:

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Its the internalised misogyny :sneezing_face:

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