Blade Runner 2049 (SPOILERS)

denis villeneuve? yeah, I’m up for that


Bit early to start a thread about it


Wish Ryan Gosling would give that pouty hands in pockets thing a rest.

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Hmm, 2049, that big head

Is there any crossover between the Prometheus/Alien universe & the Bladerunner one?

Has RS ever talked about this? Are there nerd theories?

Go and watch The Nice Guys if you haven’t already, best thing he’s done in ages

I have, he was good in it but it was essentially a worse Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Maybe Deckard will actually do something in this aside from get his arse handed to him over and over.

“Oh no, the replicants are loose! Quick, get the best in the business!”

“Wait, are we sure this guy is the best?”

Never seen the original. What version should I track down?

The ‘Final Cut’ is the generally available one now - it doesn’t have the terrible voiceover or the terrible original ending so it’s the best version by default

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Director’s Cut (1992)

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That head at the start was a bit show me what you got.


Final Cut is just the Director’s Cut with the FX cleaned up in a way that’s good, so surely the Final Cut?

I dunno, a lot of scenes are a bit longer, and a lot shots that were cut for violence were added back in. I don’t really think they add anything, and in most cases actually make the film worse.

The Final Cut might look better on an HD setup though, I’ll grant you that.

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There used to be a five disc boxset which had all the versions, I got it for a fiver from Fopp. Not sure if it’s available now though, might just be the Final Cut which is easy to get hold of anyway

Wouldnt bother mate, wont miss out on anything


Looks fine but wish they’d just start making some new stories instead of retreading every fucking thing


Can’t watch this with sound just now, does it put an end to the idea that Deckard is a replicant? Because that’s annoying if so.


I would imagine it does not because he clearly is one. I reckon they’re not ageing prematurely anymore.

Yeah, thought it would seem a fairly major thing to ride roughshod over.