Blade Runner 2049 (SPOILERS)

I guess his driver was just bloody psychic all along!

I had the (fantastic) idea that Ford would just play the guy Deckard was based on, maybe some guy who worked for the Tyrell Corporation, but I forgot to write to the filmmakers to tell them about it. Could potentially have made the film much better as well.

(I’m making things blurred so as not to ruin anything for twentynine, should he decide to watch the original)


shut up Theo


Hugely excited about this. Don’t want it to be shit. PLEASE DON’T BE SHIT.

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^ This


Feel free to refute this :smiley:

[spoiler]the whole point made in the film is he and Rachel could be replicants and if so they are a later generation that are built to be as human as possible.

Commander Adama isn’t psychic, the implication is that it’s possible to spy on the dreams of replicants or at least know what they will be, which he has been told. [/spoiler]

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You’ve got to wonder where it all goes wrong for Tyrell between now and when the first film is set in November 2019. Did they just give up on root vegetable crisps?


can’t believe that Harrison Ford will be doing a Mark Hammil in this one

^Bang on except minus a bazillion points for making me google “Commander Adama”

wonder if @cementimental is here yet

Sorry, Edward James “Scenery Eating” Olmos

He definitely has dialogue

Will understand it if I’ve not seen the other 2048?


He was quite good in the 2.5 seasons of BSG i watched

he is by far the least worst actor in it by some margin


Yes there is a link but I’m pissed on snowballs, will hit you up with the deets in in a bit.

Certainly has a cool aesthetic but it’s going to live or die by how they do the deckard stuff. If they leave any of it ambiguous that would be a cop out, but if they say whether he was a replicant or a human, that will take away from the mystery of the first film.

This has huge potential to be another Prometheus.

heh some of the Baltar stuff was just delightful. Shame it got so shit it wasn’t worth watching.

He was great fun in BSG but man did he go overboard. Hammier than a pig farm.