He’s (thinking about) coming back. In front line politics form!

Talk about your favourite Blair moments here.



Let’s be absolutely clear about this…











If you ignore all that war stuff he wasn’t so bad! right?!


that time he fucking obliterated the tories, that was good.


It’s time someone took that Corbyn down a peg or two.


You know what ground Tony Blair could reclaim?



Fucking biting satire, that!




The Tories had obliterated themselves.


I see you’re a revisionist now, Father


oh come on, at least give him some credit for 1997


97 was good times

No matter what came after it - I will never forget how great that election night was

When Portillo lost his seat

I was so young and optimistic then :confused:



Just invited him to a meeting with Mike Hookem. Fingers crossed




No matter how great his electoral record is (and given the current state of the Labour Party, it looks very good indeed) - I’m not sure how he’d go about getting back into “front-line politics”. He’s not in the Lords (I can’t see any peerage details on Wiki at least) and to become a MP he’d have to go through a selection process. The Labour Party wouldn’t select him as a PPC given the transformation they’ve gone through. Either he’s hinting at starting some new centrist movement or he’s perhaps thinking of getting involved with a think tank and trying to influence policy that way.

His main problem is ultimately, no matter what his record, is that he’s perceived to be completely toxic. Iraq will forever overshadow everything his government did domestically.


Interestingly, some people have noted that he’s shed a lot of his business interests in the past couple of months, with might suggest that he’s aiming for a seat in the house of Lords.

I don’t know who’d offer him a seat though.