Blanck Mass - World Eater


I think I’m sold on it now after a few listens. Yeah, it’s very different, but it is pretty good.


Artwork is horrific


Actually… kind of like this?


Been listening to this today. I feel like they’re big fans of Tangerine Dream.


The Fuck is this?


I think I might prefer this banger…


It’s very good.


Ha teach me not to scroll up. Didn’t realise Blanck Mass was the other one from Fuck Buttons actually.


i love the artwork


Free show next month:


Seem to be some positive comments on BM live shows in this thread. Love World Eater and Dumb Flesh, but not seen him live.

Village Underground gig in November worth a go? Just BJP and a bunch of wizardry onstage?


He was brilliant when I saw him earlier in the year, full on banging show but it did the vocals coing round the front of the deak and bellowing at the crowd.

Fun times. Gutted I can’t go to the VU gig.


I would second ^this - great live, with the vocals being a standout…


Another new single

His singing voice simply isn’t for me I don’t think.


I quite like this. Respect to him for trying something different.


Re: Blanck Mass live. Saw him last night at Berghain and it was amazing.

World Eater is probably one of the best albums of the year, eh?


Was that the show with Forest Swords and EMA also? Hell of a bill…

Voted World Eater in the Neptune Prize thread :+1:


Certainly my favourite


Yeah, it was a great show, though Forest Swords suffered a bit from being on after Blanck Mass.


Finally got round to giving Andrew Hung’s album a listen, and really enjoying it. The vocals are definitely… unpolished… but the songs are really good.