Blanck Mass - World Eater


The album cover is genuinely horrible. It’s not quite as bad as the s/t Sex Swing, but it’s close.


Their last album cover was much worse.


I see what you’re getting at, but Dumb Flesh just looked a bit abstract to me, whereas the new one is very genetic-experiment-gone-horribly-wrong.


Eh? Isn’t that how a dog’s snarl always looks? I mean, I’ve been snarled at by a lot of dogs, but am I missing something?


I’ll bow to your snarled experience (mainly cats in my family) - it’s the wonky teeth and undertone of violence that sets me on edge with that.


What actually was the sex swing album cover? Couldn’t work it out.


Couldn’t work it out, don’t want to work it out, but I’d be very grateful if they stopped retweeting the bloody thing…


It’s dyed octopus guts.


I’m confused sorry, do you mean the Dumb Flesh cover art? I don’t see how that looks like a sex swing*.

*I’ve never been up close and personal with a sex swing, so I suppose I’m not entirely sure how one would look.


Nah they’re talking about the London band called Sex Swing, link below in spoilers because year the album art is a little grim.


Ahhh I’ve been seeing it doing the rounds on twitter and stuff and I kept thinking it was some sort of badly infected toenail?? I can confirm it is a bit rank.


There was a very short interview with the artist in a recent Rough Trade magazine. It’s basically dyed octopus innards, fused together by some chemical process, with a few bits of plastic/metal lodged in.


Tried to watch them at Concorde 2 in Brighton and the crowd made it totally unbearable so we just left really early - like being at a terrible club in Cancun at 5am, just preening fuckwads pilled out of their minds being really confrontational. Haxan Clock was great as support though.


I reckon that meeting ran like the opening titles on Quincy.
“Gents, any ideas for our new cover art?”
"Yeah, I reckon – hear me out on this – what we do is…"


PIcked this up for a tenner at Fopp a few weeks ago but have yet to listen, looking forward to it:

Anyone listen to The Great Confuso EP he put out last year? It goes pretty black metal at times.


Have you seen the film? I think it’s a good watch, although it annoyed a lot of people. Very much an exercise in Giallo pastiche and is all about the visuals and sound (not the wafer-thin plot, characters, etc.), but a fun one for me no doubt.


Another new one:


This and ‘Please’ have shifted away more from the sound of Dumb Flesh then I was expecting, especially given the EP and single released in-between.

I’m sure I’ll still love the album as a whole, but not swept away by the new stuff so far.


I’m really into the new track and it’s atmosphere, a really satisfying change up.

This might be poorly articulated, but I think the sound on Dumb Flesh was pretty much perfect for what that sound was trying to be. Another album along the same lines trying to finetune things would probably feel quite stagnant I think. Even though the album could be a little better there’s only minor changes I personally would make to it.


If you are without scruples, this has leaked.