Blanck Mass

New album this March, and there’s a preview song up and about:

Seems promising! I quite liked Dumb Flesh, even though it was a bit too long the high points were pretty high. This sounds like a different direction, a bit more strung out and less of a racket.


I’ve honestly loved everything Fuck Buttons/Ben Power/Andrew Hung have put out, so I can’t wait for this. Was hoping for a new Fuck Buttons album soon but this will certainly tide me over. Dumb Flesh was one of the best albums of 2015.


I’d like to take this opportunity to restate that seeing them at Moth Club as part of Visions was hands down the worst crowd I’ve ever seen at a gig.

Cheers, London.

Great news, Dumb Flesh was one of my favourite albums of 2015

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looks at tracklist

I’m guessing The Rat isn’t a Walkmen cover. Damn.

Saw Blanck Mass at Liverpool Psych Fest, which is one of the best crowds anywhere, and it just didn’t connect.

The albums are fantastic, but we may have to accept that the sound simply doesn’t translate to the live setting.

Saw FB in Leeds years ago and same thing. Think it because the audience was a really weird mix of electronic types, experimental-metal types and Creamfield types. Also it was in a Phoenix Nights esque working mens club which didn’t help.

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I was there, helped that it was pretty loud but there were so many people just chatting loudly in the crowd.

Actually what annoyed me far more during the same festival was a group of people just chatting through most of Camera Obscura’s set, before eventually getting up and leaving couldn’t see why it took them half an hour to decide they weren’t fans but maybe they were just waiting to hear “Lloyd…” and weren’t bothered by the rest.

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was waiting on a new FB album to be honest, thought they were hunkering down…

Saw Blanck Mass at Oslo last year and the gig was ruined by some absolute stink fiend keffing out the most Epimerest of guffs.

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I was nervous after the London gig being so shocking.

& @jontosh2001 I’m fairly certain there will be another Fuck Buttons album later this year. This will have been made around the middle of 2016 and I’m fairly certain that late last year one of them mentioned they’d started on Fuck Button’s album four. Can’t wait for it, I like everything they’ve done but I think Slow Focus is just brilliant. I liked it a lot when it came out, but I’ve returned to it a lot over the years as well.

I’ve seen Fuck Buttons live and the first time (shortly after Tarot Sport) was a bit forgettable and dissapointing. The gig was fine but the only people who were really into it had taken loads of pills. But I saw them on the Slow Focus tour and that gig was amazing. They had some strong visuals which helped loads, and when it wants to the venue at Newcastle University has a fantastic sound set up. Crowd seemed pretty normal but there were a few misplaced bros.

A place with bad sound, bad people, and no visual set up probably makes for a bad experience with this sort of thing.

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I’ve FBs twice (early days supporting Battles at the Astoria) and headlining the Forum (with the Bug and the Field supporting - what a great line up!) and BM at that ATP pop up place and they were all great and the crowd were no better or worse than any other London crowd. Cheers

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Oslo is over the road from Moth Club you 1 day travel card wanker.


Love all the Fuck Buttons Albums. Dumb Flesh was one of my favourite Albums of 2015. The new track ‘Please’ sounds epic. Excited for the album.


The Aberdeen crowd all absolutely loved it. Well, everyone apart from my wife, but she mainly came to keep me company I think. I’d hugely recommend Blanck Mass live - you don’t really get to hear it that loud normally, unless you’ve very understanding neighbours.

Listened to ‘Please’ a couple of times, seems to be pitched exactly half way between the mania of Dumb Flesh and the near-quietness of the debut. I reckon I likes it.

That night with The Bug and The Field supporting was incredible. I really loved the visual set up they had on that tour - two xbox kinekts monitoring them and feeding in to the visuals.

Blanck Mass live well worth it for the added volume as mentioned above.

Holy shit, that’s what that was!

He’s playing a gig in London at Rich Mix on April 27. Details and tickets here: