Blanck Mass

One day, when I’m feeling extra petty and/or bored I’m going to fire up Audacity and actually edit some of these one or two mega-track albums into individual songs. I was successfully doing it with the OK Computer minidisc dumps until my old laptop died (need to restart that project again, too). I do it pretty often when I rip songs from Audio DVDs.

Was that the CD? I have the vinyl, and the download that came with it is split into seven separate tracks

Yup. Inexplicable decision, if the download is in separated tracks… (it’s a fucking great DCD album all the same, mind).

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Who did the opposite on their last album and awkwardly cut the longer tracks into three

yeah, it’s that rare thing where a post-reformation album is one of an artists’ best.

I know what you mean. My least favourite Four Tet album was morning/evening but I don’t think it was due to the two long tracks. It’s just in the end it wasn’t that good. The mixes on Facebook (was gonna type FB but I thought it might be confused for Fuck Buttons) Blanck mass did in lockdown were awesome so I’m hoping for something like that in this album.

Oh I like morning /evening! Don’t think of it as an album though, more of an ep, don’t know if that’s affected my relationship with it :thinking:

I like it but it goes on a bit, think both tracks would be better if they were a lot shorter, Morning in particular is a bit repetitive. Evening is pretty strong though

According to Wikipedia it’s Four Tet’s Eighth album. It’s also 40:17 mins long. But I get where your coming from. Just found it to be one of his worst albums. Maybe I need to revisit it.

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