Bleedin' 'Orrible Creatures (AVOID IF SQUEAMISH)

Never say that I don’t send you stuff that’s bleeding horrible from time to time.

I can’t, in all good conscience, recommend looking at this quite frankly effing gruesome creature. But I offer it up anyway.

The second link gives more detail about its life cycle etc. All things bright and beautiful etc

toad back birth

Y’know what I really don’t like?


Not fussed about millipedes, centipedes, worms, etc - it’s just the hair and/or colourings that do me.

Never go to a DiS meet.

It looks really cute in that first picture. Awww

I thought this was the Katie Hopkins thread.

Warning: Graphic Content


Take it to the heavy-handed satire thread!


wait…fish have teeth?

Never knew this. that’s so weird


That’s subtle for me

You know sharks are fish, right?

no, sharks are sharks.

oh, thought they were mammals like whales

no sorry that’s dolphins :frowning:

Piranhas, Bam?

something really weird about that pic though, looks almost like human teeth, thought they would at least be spikey

remember that really cool wasp that stings some insect’s brain and mind-controls it?

super cool




Fucking silverfish. Stayed in a hostel that had them in Poland and considered burning the place down.

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