Blind spots

daily reminder that you have hundreds of blind spots. also reminder that if you think you don’t, you probably have more than anyone

imagine you received a letter through the door that detailed all your blind spots and the rationalisations that hold them up. how much would you pay for that information. I’d pay handsomely

more of a curtains man

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it’s japes

I’d pay poor-to-average lookingly!

you alright meho?

Don’t be so hard on yourself bbz xoxoxo

Don’t tell me what to do

^ rationalising away having to think about his low self esteem with humour

feels bad man

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About £8

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smashing, ya’llright also?

not bad. just trying to make it through the afternoon.

hang in there ol chap

I used to think like this but I think part of getting older is just letting go and not putting so much pressure on yourself. That’s why grandparents are usually so nice to be around, they let stuff go, they’re good at accepting one can’t get everything right all the time.

that’s a damn good point about grandparents. so that’s why they’ve always been my favourite family members…

Since having a child I’m constantly stressing how every single tiny thing I do is shaping her mindset and how these blind spots are affecting her, just now and again I just let go and think oh fuck it I can only do my best and if something that’s I’m not even aware of is causing some connection in her brain wtf can I do about it, y’know?