"Blink and you'll miss it!"

Lets use this thread to just quickly thrash out a few things that this phrase is actually accurate for shall we?

Someone else blinking at the exact same time as you.


What’s in it for me?

A game of cricket (this would have to be a very long blink)

Yeah, that’s a good one

Which format?

The chance to catch the sitcom ‘Joey’ on terrestrial TV

Errrm a one dayer

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The exact moment a new reply appears on a thread

The feeling of actually fucking contributing to a thriving and vubrant community for once in your fucking life


Yeah, that would need to be one whole heck of a blink!

Your youth :frowning:

Yeah, that’s not bad actually. Thank the Lord that the content remains though the birthing is lost to time…

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Mine specifically?

This was supposed to say vibrant.

A live performance of Napalm Death doing You Suffer

No but I suppose, no it is everyone’s.

You’d sure as heck hear it though!

My youth belongs to everybody

Tom Delonge’s band playing a gig that you don’t have a ticket for