Bloc Party 2022

Album ‘Alpha Games’ out in April. Sounds a bit like Old Bloc Party™: banging guitar riff, some terrible lyrics, quite fun.


LICK LICK LICK slurping sound LICKETY SPLIT! :laughing:


In terms of post-Silent Alarm output I thought their album Four was pretty good for what it’s worth.


And a tour

Best thing they’ve ever done imo.

If it’s as good as Four I’ll eat it right up


Decent riff and chorus. Spoken bits are very bad.

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This band meant the world to me when I was a teen. Well, them and Radiohead and The Shins and Death Cab. But I didn’t even bother with the last album.

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Nice dirty bass riff there.

Best song they’ve done for years.

Cracking ending!

Like a few others here I also thought that Four was excellent!

Not sure I can ever forgive them for the Hymn album

I’d be up for seeing them again. Saw them 6/7ish times around 2007/08.

Best thing they’ve done since that song that went “womp womp womp” and sounded like utter shit

If they haven’t got the original drummer they can FUCK OFF


I think he might be working in Algiers. But yes, he was the star of the show.


Their guitarist just released a track with the singer from Mew as well…

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Not bad at all. What’s with big bands circa 2004 coming back right now? Franz Ferdinand have a new single and Editors are soaking up all that lovely HGATR love…

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that franz single is dogshit tho, fair dos

It’s grown on me. Kinda thought that to start with, but I can hear a passable Sparks impression trying to break out of it.

I really like the chorus with those machine gun drums, something very appealing about it. definitely has a dynamism they didn’t have last time out. A nice surprise!

Have you all lost the plot? This is really, really bad.


Justin Harris is wasted on this band.

Reform Menomena ffs!