Bloc Party 2022

It’s catchy in a “I wish I could forget this song” sort of way I suppose.

B, A, Start, Select


Really depends what type of album is it. It might work in one way for home listening, but unless you expect everyone to listen in the same way in a live setting, a different order is often better. Also, when artists blend from one song to another, the best songs to blend might not be in that sequence on the record. There are probably other things I’m not thinking about, but live is more fun when it’s a surprise, rather than knowing how the next hour is going to pan out.


I think we need a new thread

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Exactly. There’s a reason that bands on their debut album don’t typically just come out and play the songs from their one album in order, for example. The pacing for home listening differs to what might work live (this extends even to things like DJ mixes for home listening vs live DJ sets). A stereotypical example is that albums might close with a slow number as an outro, which suits home listening just fine, whereas bands are more likely to keep their biggest bangers for last to go out on a high. There’s also the anticipation and release of not knowing what’s going to come next. Obviously it can work in particular cases, but playing an album front to back is a bit of an insult to the art of live performance.


Nobody should do lyric videos, awful awful things


hey i kinda like the new album


Still need to listen to this. I do love their early stuff a lot

I kinda like it too. Musically they sound more like Bloc Party than they have in a good while. I’m a sucker for those guitar parts on like, the chorus to “Callum Is A Snake”. Takes me right back to Silent Alarm/AWITC b-sides.

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the lyrics are a mishmash of shite and fine, and in someplaces actually kinda fun and good?

i agree on the sound - even Traps is good.

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Really? Was going to bump this thread myself to say I didn’t think it was going to win back any fans. Traps is alright, and I remember half-liking another track, but otherwise …

well not sure if it’ll win anyone back i guess; or maybe it will, as i am technically a fan won back… but i am enjoying it at least. not really followed them since i reviewed Intimacy for GiiTV back in the day

Wait — you never listened to Four? That’s their best album after SA!

what? :smiley: on it

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yeah I enjoyed Four when it came out too

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re-listening to Four now

did it really come out 10 years ago :flushed:

If We Get Caught has really grown on me, reminds me of both I Still Remember and Truth, has the same sense of uptempo wistfulfulness and romance against the odds, I guess I’m in the vast minority but I think it’s lovely.

I’ve given the album a few listens today, I like it. I found Intimacy and Four incredibly patchy, I think this is too but not to the same extremes as them. I think it’s their best sounding record since Silent Alarm at least, a lot of energy and the new(ish) band members sound great. Some of my positivity is undoubtedly nostalgia, I was surprised at quite how old school Bloc Party Day Drinker is, call and response guitars and skittery hi hats? It’s a proper opener. The verses of Traps remind me of the stodgy rock moments on Four but still think it’s got quite a nimble chorus and I like Callum is a snake, a hodge podge with some hammily delivered lyrics that I’m sure will turn a lot of people right off but then there’s 15 fantastic seconds where the shackles fall off and it races away. I also like the run towards the end, By Any Means Necessary and In Situ are a lot of fun

Few songs I don’t like in the middle though, Rough Justice sounds confused and obnoxious, The Girls Are Fighting’s quite a dull glam stomp that makes me cringe a bit, Sex Majik (k’inell!) is quite aimless. I don’t know what to think of the closer, nothing that positive so far at least.

Gut feeling is it ties with Four as their third best album, I doubt it will win all that many new fans or old ones back but I was definitely a lapsed fan and here I am earnestly praising it so :person_shrugging:

Really wish I had it in me to tune out the lyrics. As soon as I find myself getting into the music he goes and drops another clunker and I shrivel up into a ball of cringe. Frustrating listen.

Really like the track with the prominent female (the drummer presumably?) backing vocals though. Do more of that please, current day Bloc Party. Suits you.