Block users

how can we block individual users? is there an ignore feature? or maybe a faq page i am missing? thank you!

Just post who it is you want blocked here and one of the mods will get right onto that for you

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If you type ‘ACT_BLOCK’ in any thread followed by the username, it should block them automatically. It’ll just appear as a blank post.


hi, i have permission to do this, just tell me who it is


On your settings there is a box near the bottom to Mute users. This will only stop you receiving personal messages and stop you being notified if they do @bugduv in a post.

But if someone is harassing you then please feel free to message me about it and maybe they need to be banned or something?

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don’t know if that is sarcasm or not :wink:

thank you for the responses. i’m not being harassed, just curious if we could voluntarily omit other’s responses. no worries.

It’s a question I asked on here a while back but never actually worked out myself because all I got were joke answers (I reap what I sow).

@1101010 was right, it was right there in settings all along.

Not full mute, but at least it’s something.


The designers of this forum decided against the hard block option of Virtual Bulletin and the like because it just makes threads really weird to have blank posts or the posts hidden completely, especially as other people interact with them so you see their post commented or just stuff makes no sense.

So this was their solution. Someone you’ve muted replies to your post or quotes it or whatever and you get no notification, although if it’s a thread you’re spending time in you might well see it.

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whats old Albert Tatlock done now?

I don’t understand this reference, sorry.

@1101010 theo! these guys are bullying me