Blocking people

I’m curious, I wasn’t really allowed to block people on Facebook when I worked at the BBC without justified reasons (persistent trolling, using fake names, racism, etc) and I know it’s fairly rare to block people on here (often we engage people in debate).

However, I feel like I should be able to block whoever I like on DiS’ Facebook if people won’t unfollow a page that they find hashtag triggering.

Should I be asking myself: What would Evil Sean Adams do?

i think you should block those people


The people who follow DiS on facebook are always like this in the comments, aren’t they?


EVIL SEAN ADAMS: fetch me the DEATH RAY muahahahahaha

IGOR pulls a switch and all of Drowned in Sound’s branding turns to Drowned in Death Says

EVIL SEAN ADAMS: the power

Block 'em. If the comments on a page look like that there’s no way I’m going to follow it, so you can justify it to yourself that you’re improving the page by doing so.

Also because fuck 'em.


Is that typical of dis Facebook comments?

they all have morrissey stuff in their profiles. maybe cyber bully them for a bit but i wouldn’t bother spending more than a minute or two on that before blocking them.

actually a minute or two is already too much effort

Drowned in Whining is all sorts of shit, innit. Could have at least gone with Drowned in Sanctimony or something if he wanted to make his shit bit vaguely work.

Drowned in the Sound of My Own Voice

That’s an open goal

I thought of that in like two seconds

And I’m supposed to be working right now

What’s his excuse?


Not really. I suspect they have searched Facebook for a specific term. May even by the same guy with 3 different accounts.

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It’s not like they’re making a good faith effort to discuss the topic politely, and what they’re saying is likely to be hurtful to people who read it, so you’d be doing your followers a favour if you at least got rid of the comments.

If you’re uncertain about blocking and don’t want to potentially fuel the fire by deleting stuff, you could hide the comments so they and their friends can see it but nobody else.


can’t read that maybe i’m blocked lol

LOL. Probably because I posted this:


The trouble is, sometimes blocking people unleashes a troll army as they’re all in WhatsApp/Signal/FB Groups etc.

If they aren’t repeatedly commenting on stuff then it might not be worth the battle. If you hide the comments then you can just hope they don’t find out and they’ll lose interest because nobody is replying to them

The chap who thinks only 18 people engage with our Facebook posts should see the 100s of replies to our recent posts but that would require him clicking for 3 seconds, so I understand it would be deeply inconvenient

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, man rallies against introvert asking not to have to speak to world’s media

Have you deleted a load now? Can only see one negative comment and a few comments referring to negative comments

Yeah blocked a whole bunch. They wouldn’t engage politely with anyone. Just doubled down and got abusive.

are you going to migrate everything to fb when you’re sick of paying the bills?