Blocking people

Block and be damned mate

Nah. Just trying to get some of the 1000s of people over there to join the community.


:neutral_face: Redirecting...

I look forward to Sc*tt Ow *ns joining our community…

Yeesh. Who’s got the time and energy for spEak You’re bRanes in 2021?

just read through the replies to this.

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck me, mate.

Imagine having some of these reactions to Gareth Southgate’s eloquent words

Big fan of the guy who called the “BLM is Marxism” dude a “crayon”


Just about to block this guy but such a strange reaction.

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Let’s break this down then…

“like those black people” - defines a clear group

“throwing a tantrum” - seems to be driving down Racist Way. Maybe not but is an odd choice of words to describe the civil rights movement

“because they had to ride the back of the bus.” - correct

“I mean, they still got to ride the bus right? It’s only a minor inconvenience…” - and men can still post on our forums. It’s only a minor inconvenience, right?

He’s ok with people being segregated in the past, and thinks that they shouldn’t have “a tantrum” (not sure that would be a fair misinterpretation of his comments across this thread but it wouldn’t be a far fetched manner to describe them) in wanting to sit wherever they want and not being “held back”?

For the record, men can still ride (post) on our bus (forum), as they do all-day, everyday.

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