Does anyone have one? I used to have a blog when I was teaching myself to code HTML and CSS when I was 13 back in 2001/2002 (I just talked about anime) and I loved it but haven’t ever done it since and kind of want one again. I have a tumblr account but it’s just for liking various posts for future reference

So yeah do you/did you have one and whathe was it about?


crap writing and links to my radio show type thing


Yeah I used to run a music one (covered all sorts really but loosely based around post-hardcore, post-rock, black metal, drone and avant garde) one for about three years, started getting a fairly decent following but wasn’t really able to dedicate the sort of time to it that I needed to.

Been mulling over doing another one.


have had various blogs at various points in my life

free hosted sites that i’d make and write stuff about things i liked on, basically fanzines but on the internet circa 2004 - 2006
terrible livejournals with read-only posts about how frustrated i was at not being taken seriously
various non-commital blogspots, mainly where i just curated images from and drew paralells between the stuff on the catwalk/fashion editorials and film and art
lots of tumblr blogs (we’re talking using it pretty solidly to catalogue images etc. between 2009 and 2012) had a quite active tumblr blog that was fashion, fashion photography and art (had loads of tumblr friends, my account got stopped because i ran a fanblog for a particular designer on the side, had a disclaimer but they still threatened to sue and shut my account down)
have one now with a proper domain that i pay for but don’t really use. need to be okay with sharing stuff that i’ve made entirely by myself (part time ‘artist’, v. shy and really should just get on with sharing more things)

also never log on tumblr anymore, use pinterest now and again

oh just remembered i had one in first year of uni for a few months where i shared clips from music videos, adverts and fashion films and also free resources


Film blog focusing more on arthouse/world cinema

Last thing I did it for was an interview with the composer of Malick’s last few films

DiS user sev799 has also written quite a lot of good pieces for it


Please share if you can! I’m exactly the same, I draw and write and take lots of photos but struggle so much with sharing it all. A blog is definitely a more comfortable way of doing that for me (mostly because nobody would read it :dizzy_face:)


my friend made me write a blog with her which I really really didnt like doing but she really wanted to do it and was too scared to do it alone so I felt obliged. I’m not very good at writing (or don’t have the patience to write something I actually feel ok with and would want anyone to read).


Here is mine. I don’t really know what to say the topic is. Stuff I do I guess? Photography, drawing, travel, the odd book review:


i’ve been thinking about making a website mainly for my work stuff and including some kind of blog. always get asked what my website is and i’m like errr i have a vimeo page?


I have a blog which consists of weekly e-mails to my family and friends since moving to Brazil. Probably too niche for public consumption, but it’s also a vehicle for Spotify playlists if you’re into that sort of thing:


Was part of a film collective at Uni that wrote under the moniker ‘Reservoir Blogs’. Didn’t really work as a title.


can i see your art please?


I have a blog that I’ve recently given a makeover to. No writing, just links:


I did have one for visiting every Spoons in London but that can fuck off now. I still own the domain:

(where the fuck have all the photos gone?)

Probably going to start one about cycling soon. No idea what to call it though. Pun squad assemble?


*Puncture squad assemble


Oh, and… Velo Darlin’!


I have a blog which is just my personal ramblings about this and that.
Archaeology, gigs, old photos, places I’ve visited. Stuff.


I Like Bike



Classic wzy


Combining cycling and pubs…?