So it seems like old football shirts are the in thing for spring/summer 2022,

Even fashion lord A$AP Rocky is rocking them


Anyone getting involved, think i need to dig out my old united shirts as this could be the prime time to sell them.

This was seemingly big at festivals last year. Refuse to accept that shirts released after the year 2000 can be considered ‘retro’. In total denial about that.

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Amazing Vice weren’t ahead of the game on this I heard about it at least 2 months ago and I’m not on tiktok

The person who describes the Chelsea sleeveless training top from 2005 as vintage is extremely upsetting.


was doing this in 2008, mates.


This is not a new thing.

The absolute disdain @plasticniki had for me wandering around majorca in a rolled up sleeve 1995 AC Milan shirt on the bike wanker trip being a case in point


Classic shirts is a big industry now. Loads of Instagram accounts out there dropshipping like, three-wear knockoffs from China these days

Seems more an American thing aping English football culture. Should be paying homage to their own

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Nothings new mate. But it is in. Respect the thread

I’ve been doing it for years. Therefore it has been ‘in’ and ‘cool’ for years

Refcore anyone?

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Think the last World Cup was a big turning point, the very likeable England team meant even cunts like me were tracking down England shirts.




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worked out a few months ago that I could turn my footie shirt collection into about 500-600 quid if I need to, which is pretty weird considering I was picking them up for about a tenner or less a pop 10-15 years ago, and most of them are just 90s Spain and Depor shirts.

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And technically incorrect as ‘vintage’ describes anything 20 years or older (which is clearly also rubbish: vintage us anything older than me, so stuff @bugduv had in his childhood, I guess.)

Wearing this all summer


Might mint my longsleeve kappa Fulham away kit with ETUHU on the back as an NFT


Cute cosplays


Might go blokecore.

Will probably spend all summer fighting in the streets but I think it might be worth it