Blood Brothers

So Johnny Whitney on facebooks being doing a lot of nostalgia posts. For my.mind they are the greatest band ever. Genuinely unparalleled.

Can we have an appreciatiom thread


What a band. Only got into them at the end but caught them twice in 2007 and they were bloomin’ great.

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Yes we can. Unparalleled is definitely the word. I made a thread earlier this year about bands that sound like no other and they were my starting point. A very unique and special band indeed. Not a duffer in their catalogue

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Seem to remember enjoying Neon Blonde and maybe Past Lives to an extent. And Jonny’s other band were ok, but Blood Brothers had the best songs.

Never liked Past Lives. Found them.oddly dull even though Jordan may be my fave ever singer. Head Wound City are so so good though

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There was something a couple of years back where Blood Brothers had shows and I absolutely lost it. Turns out it was a side project of someone from The Mission

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also Johnnys band (Jaguar Love) i saw at Leeds Cockpit with like fifteen others
Bit odd


There’s something missing with HWC though

What do you think?

Not really sure. They’re just a bit more straight forward. Not as schizophrenic; not as many unexpected chops and changes.

Would like to add that I really liked their album, just not a patch on Blood Brother

Oh yeah agreed but theyre still ace. Heard the new un? Love Is Best is a banger

It’s a really really good show if done properly.

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Yeah HWC have some big things to play. Not listened to PL in years, so it might jave been a BB hangover

Wonder how those reunion shows were.

I loved them but always seemed to me that johnny was a bit of a dick and ruined the band in the end.

Love this band and love BPI,B so so much. It’s a great album to run to, too. And I still have my signed ticket stub from the first time I saw them live @ The Garage in 2003 with Pretty Girls Make Graves supporting.

Ive seen a few videos of them and they sounded really good. Agree about Johnny, Young Machetes barely featured Jordan and it was odd. Ive got him on Facebook and he seems alright, works at Netflix now

I actually really like This Adultery is Ripe.

looks good, propbably better than the last time i saw em!

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Same! Its really good. James Brown is one of my faves