Blood Moon

Lunar eclipse starting soon. The cosmic ballet goes on.



Raining and cloudy in Glasgow. Fucking universe making bullshit.


Sun’s still out here so doubt I’ll see anything

Similarly awe inspiring from this week:


Where am I looking? North, south, east, west? What?

Cloudy here, so we’ll see fuck all. But it’s not too hot this evening so…

Went out there to find it, it’s cloudy and raining though. Might try again in an hour. Failing that, someone tweet nasa and get them to postpone it.

Southeast for me

Kill Jester


The Night Sky app is good for locating the moon/planets/stars

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Put your location into this and it should tell you:

feel pure shit just want the moon back x

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Nice, this worked perfectly, I walked round my estate to the best position to find this lot


It’s a bit cloudy in that direction though, not sure I’m gonna see anything

thats the thing about the swedish, they always get up an hour before the british to lay out their telescopes early.

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We have a blood moon very faintly visible behind some clouds

It’s not very spectacular

Best review so far

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Was quite impressive this morning watching it set.

It’s clouded over here now so probably can’t see it (and I can’t currently be arsed to look out the window to check).

Yeah, it’s bollocks

Gonna go home & sink a single malt or two instead