Blood type

Better get into all my near fatal accidents in the UK, Ireland, France or Spain.

ah shit, what a rollercoaster


I’m rhesus negative, as is the TV. If you’re pregnant and rhesus negative then they usually give you an anti-D injection to protect the baby in case it has a rhesus positive blood type - which our kids couldn’t have because your blood type is determined by your parents. Both times the TV was pregnant the maternity staff got in a right muddle about whether to administer the anti-D or not. Was slightly concerning as that can’t be a particularly unusual scenario given that around 15% of people are rhesus negative…

Here seems like a good place to post this. If you haven’t already, please consider joining the register to donate stem cells. It’s very easy, they post you cheek swabs which you swab and post back to them.

Ah yes also the joy that your second child onwards can secretly kill you from inside with their own blood.

Not a horror story premise at all.

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Since leaving the UK, no other country wants my potentially-tainted with CJD blood. It’s literally one of the opening questions when you try to sign up in both Australia & The Netherlands.

Used to give on the regular back in the UK. Feel a bit guilty about it now, even though there’s nothing I can do.

Used to give blood, but can’t now because my veins are full of blood pressure medication. I managed to donate 38 times before I had to stop though, so I don’t feel too bad about it

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Yeah apologies, I ignored the rhesus negative.

Is this the right thread to talk about the TV’s horrifying haemorrhage during her first labour?

Spoiler: the answer is no…

If it normalises it, then brilliant. More people could and should give blood. At the same time, they’re literally saving someone else’s life with their actions - If you’re moaning when they’re doing that, what are you thinking when they post up a picture of their lunch?

Giving blood needs all the promotion it can get, so good thing I say :+1:

In fact, if anyone is thinking about it it is super easy to sign up on the below:


I think it’s good to promote things like this as it raises awareness, jogs people memories and normalises it as a thing you should do.

Unless they’re the types who constantly boast about everything, they can do one


This says you can donate to AB- and AB+ and that plasma from your blood is very versatile and can be used for any blood type. As @anon24576931 said, you can receive from A-,B-,AB- or O-.

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I did this years ago when I was at uni, never got the call up.

My work colleague did and he saved a guy in France’s life who had leukaemia. Who wouldnt want to do that?

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fucking done at the edit


Do they not accept it purely because you grew up in the U.K.?

Gammons getting angry that foreigners are getting all the stem cells


That’s amazing your friend was matched and managed to donate. How cool! I registered a couple of years ago and haven’t been a match yet but would definitely donate if I am.

If you lived in the UK in the 80s or 90s basically no other country will take your blood because of mad cow


A friend of mine gave blood for 25 years, then a couple of years back she passed out when she got home, and that was it; they wouldn’t take her again. Which is reassuring in a way, but also a bit sad.