Blood type

Yeah, by living in the UK for more than 6 months during the whole mad cow disease thing, means that basically no other country will take your blood.

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I passed out on the floor of the church hall in front of all the other donors, which is definitely not what they want to see

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I had no idea! I keep telling my son to donate but as he’s in The Netherlands I guess not!

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When we had our blood taken for the ONS survey last week Mrs F regaled the poor surveyor with the time when she gave blood and they didn’t quite get the needle extraction right and it all turned a bit Hammer Horror for a few seconds.

Quick reminder that gay/bisexual men still cannot just go and donate blood, and this changes in the summer but only if you’re in a relationship or haven’t had a shag in three months. Truly archaic.


I’m Scottish we love the French :smiley:

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The good thing too is that it used to be a really awful painful procedure (bone marrow removal) but I believe now they can extract the cells from the blood. So it’s not even a (relatively) big deal to donate.

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I don’t want to give blood in case I find out I’ve got cancer or HIV or something, would rather not know

I am A+ and I have given blood on and off since I was 17, 11 times in total. Went through my account to check and ended up booking an appointment to go give again.

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Yeah that’s a really important point. From their FAQs

There are two methods of donating blood stem cells. 90% of the time, the method of donation is peripheral blood stem cell collection. In this method, a thin sterile needle takes blood from one of the donor’s arms and a machine extracts the blood stem cells from it. The donor’s blood is then returned to them through their other arm. This is an outpatient procedure that is usually completed in 4-6 hours.

Bone marrow is used as the method of donation for the remaining 10% of the time. Bone marrow is not extracted from the spine, but from the pelvic bone using a special thin sterile needle

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Might be worth looking again. I can always get an appointment for 7pm at my local donation centre, which I can manage after work (obvs don’t know anything about yr shifts or commute, but they do seem to try to be accommodating for workers)

I’d had this a couple of times (long term veggie, been donating regularly for 10+ years). I started taking an iron tablet daily, and I haven’t had any iron level problems for a couple of years now.

I’ve been donating regularly for almost ten years I think, and have been a veggie for 3 or 4 years now I think. The last time I went in December I ended up having low iron. 135 was the threshold, with 125 being a ‘low normal’ where you just couldn’t donate for three months. But as I snuck under at 125 they’ve said I can’t donate for 12 months now. Unless I get another blood test from my GP at some point and it ends up being okay. Have been having some iron liquid stuff recently, but maybe I should go for a tablet version instead as I don’t like the taste! Trying to actively have some more of the good iron providing veggies now.

They gave me this leaflet like “so ur a low iron veggie, eat these foods”, and it was basically my whole diet. don’t have a choice but to take tablets now!

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Which one’s the red one? I’m that one I think.


Smashing those iron tablets (when I remember)

I always check for appointments and there is never anything available near me in…London

You might be better off with the liquid version- it has vitamin c and b12 in and is helpful with absorption and is less harsh on the stomach. Not suitable for vegans though because they’re honey based.

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I’ve got low iron levels and can’t take iron supplements so would almost certainly fail the iron test. Also have shit veins and have a lot of trouble with blood tests and the like, so they’d never get enough out of me anyway.

Reading everyone else’s comments makes me feel better. I’ve always felt well guilty for never donating blood but justified it that as I faint at literally everything (dentists, jabs, stressful doctor experiences) they wouldn’t want the hassle. Seems like that’s true

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