Bloody love an occasional and unexpected tin of beans and sausage me...

Unexpected as in you forget about them and have one as a snack when you’re a bit down and that, might not be pleasant if people were forcing them down you in the middle of the night and that, especially if still tinned.

I normally fish the sausages out cold then warm the beans up and dip a bit of buttered wholemeal bread in 'em, because i’ve accepted myself as a human-being and that so don’t have too many food-related hangups.

Let’s hear it for beans and sausage.


:100: here for this

they definitely get the job done but don’t taste very good

More of a spaghetti and sausage man.

I’ll smash any of those Heinz yellow tins. If they’re on two for £2 then yes please, four. Two spag bol, two ravioli.

Some people are going to get majorly irked in this thread. Sensing a 300-reply’er.

how are we feeling about tinned macaroni cheese?

The sausages in tins of beans with sausages are nicer than expensive butcher’s sausages.


See, I’ve heard people talking about spaghetti and sausage but have never seen it IRL so feel like everyone’s doing me up like a kipper and it isn’t real

Asda do an own brand one that was a cornerstone of my hangover recoveries for around 5 years.

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It is very odd that this is the case but you are right

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that shit is utterly inedible. The others I could eat, but fuck me that stuff is grim

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wtf no, they are the worst sausages known to man


Weird as Mac n cheese in a tin should be quite doable yet it is vile

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Big fan of all day breakfast in a can and it’s variants

I always forget how thoroughly vile the sausages are. Get a bit excited by the novelty then realise the sausages are disgusting so what’s the point?
The veggie ones are ok though!

Beans > Rav > Spag Bol > Spag Hoops > Beans with them bad sausages > Macaroni cheese

this or the joint MVP for me:


Have edited my ranking because I forgot all about this.

on a few slices of toast too <3 was all I ate during 6th form I think.

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No idea why, but the picture of two bits of ravioli on the tin has done me a bit.

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