Blossoms and Rick Astley are performing two Smiths cover shows

This is not a cheese dream.

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There Is A Light That’s Never Gonna Give You Up


I posted this in the tribute band thread as I thought it sounded horrendous but this actually looks very good and fun:


Indeed. Well, I’d rather watch it than a reformation of The actual Smiths for reasons that are hopefully obvious. :slight_smile:

  • Don’t think I ever heard of Blossoms before this business
  • I was well aware of Blossoms
  • Dad joke about the the TV series called Blossom

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Why is this a thread

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None of us can believe it.

Or @Damian is a Blossoms street-teamer. You decide!

I’ve heard of Blossoms and know they’re doing pretty well, but have never heard a note of their music, in answer to that question. Funnily enough, I did used to do street teaming up until about 15 years ago…

Yes, yes, yes!!! Love it!

An anagram of Rick Astley is “Racist, leyk” :no_mouth:

Seems like a good month to enjoy the Smiths without the dubious presence of the real Morrissey - this is coming to my town with the official backing of Clint Boon! :smiley:

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Saw Blossoms at Reading the other week. Not my thing, but was also quite enjoyable while drinking in the sunshine. That said, I think this might also have happened 3 or so years ago too.


When I heard about this on radio 4 I thought I’d quite like to see it if they did a full tour. The video of them doing this charming man was pretty good as well, the band sound dead on

That is so much better than it has any right to be.


Oh, shit, I thought I knew who Blossoms were (I know that quite annoying Charlemange song), but I also thought I knew them for another song they did, but can now find no evidence of, so maybe it wasn’t them?

Used to be on Radio 6 maybe four years ago, was quite anthemic, had a lyric like “It’s getting stormy there was thunder in the city I was ALMOST THERE, ALMOST THERE” or something. Fuck this is really going to bug me now. I remember posting on DiS about it at the time being like “This song is great, don’t know much about the band though”. Shit.

Going to make a thread.

coz rick astley has a better voice than morrissey?

think i’d rather cut my own head off than go to this


Rick astley seems like a good dude so why not? Rather him than morrissey, actually how about Neil morrissey?

Only know them from their feud with the Sleaford Mods a few years back