Blows my mind that people actually like the chips from Burger King



Can anyone afford Burger King anymore? Went in there a few months ago and ended up going to Mcdonalds instead caused the prices had gone up so much.

I think it thinks of itself as a premium Five Guys kind of product. But they haven’t updated their brand to reflect that. They’re heading for a fall.

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About time too. Only ever liked the XL bacon double cheeseburger from there.

Burger Twat more like


Much like WHSmith, it’s a miracle Burger King exists outside of transport hubs.

Their vegan/veggie stuff is easily the best of the the traditional high street burger places, better than loads of the current trendier stuff too imo.


KFC have hands down the worst


WH Smith here does quite well cause there’s basically nowhere else to go for that stuff.

They don’t season them for some reason

Fresh Burger King fries are the best of the lot imo.

Yeah I guess it’s a similar thing, captive audience and all that

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They need to hurry up and open a Mcdonalds here too.

South Hamburgers

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Trademarking this.

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Plant whopper >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> McPlant.

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Didn’t they change the chips. Seem ok. They also have quite a lot of deals on the app usually. Still only eat there about twice a year though.

Their app deals are reasonable - large whopper meal for £6, plus they have those 100+ coke flavour machines.

Non deal prices are way ott though, for sure.

The plant based chicken one’s decent too :+1: